Tuition, Housing, & Living

  • Michigan State University’s Controller’s Office has established a web form to allow students to compute basic costs. 
  • Access the form to compute costs
  • The following provides some information to help prospective students accurately complete the form:
    • Your residency for tuition.  Select “in-state” if you have established permanent residency in Michigan; otherwise, select “out-of-state.” 
    1. Your level: Select “graduate student”
    2. Beginning Year of Enrollment. Input a four-digit year.
    3. Beginning Semester of Enrollment. Select the semester (in most cases, this would be Fall.)
    4. Are you an International Student? Select “yes” if you are not currently a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
    5. How many credits? Input 9. This is a normal load for our first-year students. 
    6. Select your MSU housing/meal plan type.  (Note there is a link in green explaining various options.  Most of our incoming graduate students choose to rent University apartments, which have kitchens and are generally populated by graduate students, visiting faculty, and families. A few select Owen Graduate Center and the associated cafeteria meals.  Off-campus housing is available with a wide range of quality and styles, but generally, requires a one or two day visit to East Lansing well before the onset of the first semester to select a rental and sign a contract.  Most new students start their first semester in university housing.  Students choosing university housing can move after one or two semesters, and some of our students elect to do this. Others choose to stay in university housing for their entire program.)
  • Please inform us if you have difficulty accessing the information.