Graduate Research Symposium Papers

Beginning in 2019, Ph.D. students must produce a research paper and present it at the Graduate Research Symposium prior to completion of their third year in the program. The paper must demonstrate original research based on a sound synthesis and critical assessment of the state of the literature in the student’s area of interest. It is expected that, after reasonable revisions, the paper will be published in a professional journal. It is also encouraged (though not required) that the paper be used subsequently as a dissertation chapter. Together, the written paper and symposium presentation constitute the student’s comprehensive exam.

Below is a list of authors and titles of research papers presented at Graduate Research Symposiums to date. Please contact the student authors if you are interested in obtaining a copy. Due to storage space constraints, the Department does not house copies of these papers.


Abaidoo, Eric Maternal Educational Attainment and Child Labor Outcomes: Evidence from Malawi. Major Professor: Ben Belton.

Chakraborty, Judhajit Extreme Cold and Local Inequality: Evidence from Peruvian Highlands. Major Professor: Eduardo Nakasone.

Fang, Ming Social Network and Consumption Smoothing in Rural India. Major Professor: Songqing Jin.

Gao, Yixuan The Impact of Biofuels on Corn Prices: COVID-19 as a Natural Experiment. Major Professor: Robert Myers.

Hopkins, Kelsey Resolving the Reality Gap in Farm Regulation Voting Models. Major Professor: Melissa McKendree.

Kilders, Valerie Is Animal Welfare Promoting Hornless Cattle? Assessing Consumer’s Valuation for Milk from Gene-Edited Cows Under Different Information Regimes. Major Professor: Vincenzina Caputo. Best Symposium Paper and Presentation Award, 2021

Singh, Sudhir The Effects of Political Leader's Identity in Public Work Programs: Evidence from NREGS in India. Major Professor: Songqing Jin.


Ayesh, Abubakr Does Violence in Non-War Zones Impact Labor Market Outcomes? Major Professor: Eduardo Nakasone.

Dhar, Rahul Diet or Activity? An Examination of Adult Overweight and Obesity in Tanzania Using Panel Data. Major Professor: David Tschirley.

Huang, Zeying The Impacts of Heat and Air Pollution on Human Health. Major Professor: Mark Skidmore. Honorable Mention for the Best Symposium Paper and Presentation Award, 2020

Jia, Yanan Do Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Regulations Reduce Food Animal Antibiotics Demand Efficiently? Major Professors: Hongli Feng and David Hennessy.

Kim, Hyunjung Estimating Recreation Demand with Incomplete Trip Information: Revealed Preference Approach. Major Professor: Frank Lupi.

Lu, Pin Crop Insurance Rate Making, Land Quality, and Adverse Selection. Major Professors: Hongli Feng and David Hennessy.

Melkani, Aakanksha Smallholder Maize Market Participation and Choice of Marketing Channel in the Presence of Liquidity Constraints: Evidence from Zambia. Major Professor: Nicole Mason-Wardell. Honorable Mention for the Best Symposium Paper and Presentation Award, 2020

Mukhopadhyay, Ramyani Time to Completion in Mergers and Acquisitions in the Food and Agri-Business Industry. Major Professor: Adesoji Adelaja.

Nuhu, Ahmed Salim Does the Expansion of Midstream Activities in Agrifood Value Chains Improve Smallholder Welfare? Evidence from Zambia. Major Professors: Titus Awokuse and David Tschirley.

Parkhi, Charuta The Role of Time Preferences in the Demand for Safer Food Products: Evidence from Nigeria. Major Professor: Saweda Liverpool-Tasie.

Ufer, Danielle The Economics of Information and Redundant Labels in the Milk Industry. Major Professor: David Ortega.

Ye, Ziwei Should Glyphosate be Taxed? Herbicide Substitution and Spill-over Effects in US Corn Production. Major Professors: Felicia Wu and David Hennessy. Best Symposium Paper and Presentation Award, 2020


Athnos, April Underground Lemons: The Effect of Time of Sale Regulations on the Housing Market. Major Professor: Soren Anderson.

Che, Yuyuan Recent Events and Participation in U.S. Federal Crop Insurance Programs. Major Professors: Hongli Feng and David Hennessy.

Koima, Josephat Impact of School of Electrification on Academic Outcomes: Evidence from Rural Electrification in Kenya. Major Professor: Milu Muyanga.

Miyahara, Takashi Aging, Generational Structure and Economic Growth in Japan. Major Professor: Adesoji Adelaja.

Sauer, Christine Processed Food Penetration into Urban and Rural Tanzania: Insights on Nutrition and Convenience. Major Professors: Thomas Reardon and David Tschirley.

Van Deynze, Braeden Are Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds a Threat to Conservation Agriculture? Evidence from Tillage Practices in Soybean. Major Professor: Scott Swinton.

Watten, Asa Crop Options: The Effect of Insurance on Intraseasonal Abandonment. Major Professor: Soren Anderson.