• Rodent and Bird Control

    This guidance document addresses due diligence for rodent and vertebrate pest control and offers a standard operating procedure (SOP) boilerplate that can be adapted to your farm and help address rodents and other vertebrates in storage and packing areas.

  • Food Safe Compost Use

    This guidance document will walk you through the recommended steps for effective compost use while ensuring GAP and FSMA compliance.

  • Blood and Bodily Fluids Policy Factsheet

    This guidance document addresses blood and bodily fluid concerns and offers a blood and bodily fluids policy boiler plate that can be adapted to your farm.

  • Livestock and Food Production

    This guidance document that will walk you through some considerations regarding livestock that may be kept near your production area.

  • Interpreting Water Test Results

    This guidance document addresses how to read and understand water testing results and what to do about them.

  • Taking a Water Sample

    Water testing can be tricky. This guidance document provides instruction on taking a proper water sample as well as requesting the correct test.

  • Considering Irrigation Water Sources

    This guidance document addresses relative risks associated with irrigation water sources and delivery methods. It will also discuss the frequency of testing each source.

  • Deterring Wildlife Infographic

    This infographic talks about how you can use deterrents to manage the wildlife presence on your farm.

  • Microorganisms Infographic

    This infographic talks about the three types of microorganisms that can contaminate fresh produce.

  • Contamination Infographic

    This infographic explains the how contamination can be spread on the farm.

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