The 5-year, 0.25-mill renewal request that will appear on the May 4, 2021 ballot will provide continued funding for MSU Extension educational programs with a 100-year history in Alger County.

MSU Extension and Michigan 4-H Millage Renewal

On May 4, 2021, Alger County residents will have the opportunity to renew the MSU Extension Alger County millage. The 2022-2026 inclusive, 0.25-mill renewal request will provide continued funding for MSU Extension educational programs such as:

  • 4-H Youth Development
  • Agriculture and Agribusiness
  • Child and Family Development
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Master Gardener Volunteer Program
  • Natural Resources


How much will the millage cost me?

The millage will cost a home owner $0.25 for every $1,000 of taxable home value. For example, if you own a $100,000 home ($50,000 taxable value or SEV), you’ll invest $12.50 a year in taxes to support MSU Extension's educational programs for you, your family and your community.

What does a "yes" vote mean and what does a "no" vote mean?

A YES vote means that homeowners will experience about a $12.50 per year tax for every $100,000 of home value to continue to fund MSU Extension programs. 

A NO vote means that there will not be county funding to match and secure the university's investment in the 100+ year partnership serving Alger County.

What can MSU Extension do for me?

We can empower your everyday goals, such as helping you grow your lawn or garden, try out meal ideas that are nutritious and budget friendly, learn how to manage stress, find educational and fun programs for your kids and more. We care about making your life and your community better.

Get started by exploring our upcoming events or by visiting the MSU Extension homepage to explore all the areas of our programming.

How does MSU Extension Alger County funding work?

MSU Extension is funded by a unique partnership with federal, state, and local governments in order to successfully meet the needs of Michigan communities. Alger County government has asked their constituents to fund the county portion of the partnership through a millage on the May 4, 2020 ballot.

What does the ballot language say?

“This proposal will authorize the County of Alger to levy 0.25 mill for the purpose of funding MSU Extension services. Of the 0.25 mill, 0.2496 represents a renewal of the 0.25 mill authorization approved by the electors in 2016, which will expire with the 2021 tax levy and 0.0004 mill represents a restoration of that portion of the same authority which was reduced by application of the Headlee Amendment.

For the purpose of providing funding for MSU Extension services, shall the limitation on the amount of taxes which may be imposed on taxable property in the County Alger, Michigan, be increased by 0.25 mill ($0.25 per thousand dollars of taxable value) for a period of five (5) years, 2022 to 2026, inclusive, as a renewal of the 0.2496 mill previously authorized by the electors which expires with the 2021 levy plus new additional millage in the amount of 0.0004 mill? It is estimated that 0.25 mill would raise approximately $101,100 when first levied in 2022."