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What is 4-H?

4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization, reaching more than seven million 4-H youth in urban neighborhoods, suburban school-yards and rural farming communities between the ages of 5-19 years old. Fueled by university backed curriculum, 4-H members engage in hands-on learning projects and activities in the areas of science, healthy living, and food security.

Alpena County 4-H member at leadership training

What does 4-H offer?

For youth, 4-H offers fun learning opportunities through 4-H clubs, and local, state and national events. For teens, 4-H offers opportunities to set goals, develop strategies to reach those goals, and lead by sharing their skills, knowledge and talents to make their communities stronger. For adults, 4-H offers research based support and training in learning methods and materials to help plan and lead activities and   projects for youth.

How does 4-H work?

Join a club! 4-H clubs are groups of youth and volunteers who meet on a regular basis. This could be monthly or another timeframe that works best for the group. 4-H clubs give youth the opportunity to:

  • share project work
  • plan community service activities
  • practice running meeting
  • have a sense of community 
  • engage with fellow members
  • have fun and meaningful learning experiences
  • form positive relationships with peers and mentors
  • get exposure to diverse ideas and age appropriate resources
  • for science and exploration of careers related to their interests
  • have their work and projects evaluated
  • and more

Enroll in Alpena County 4-H Today - It’s Easy!

Step 1: Enroll in 4-H Online

To start the 4-H enrollment process create a family profile on 4-H Online. You will need an e-mail address. If you were previously enrolled in 4-H you already have a family profile in 4-H Online - You will need to log into your profile and re-enroll.

4-H Online Website

How to Enroll in 4-H Online Directions (new members)

How to Re-enroll in 4-H Online Directions (returning members)

If you do not have access to a computer to enroll in 4-H Online you can use our volunteer computer at the Alpena MSUExtension office. For help and more information on how to enroll in 4-H Online please contact the Alpena MSU Extension office.

Step 2: Submit 4-H Participation Fee / Scholarship ($20)

The final step to officially become an Alpena County 4-H member is to submit your annual participation fee or scholarship to the Alpena MSU Extension office - $20.00 per 4-H member ($60.00 for families of three or more children). The participation fee payment by cash or check (payable to ‘MSU’) or scholarship can be turned in to the Alpena MSU Extension office during our regular business hours (Tuesday-Thursday from 8:30am-4:30pm), mailed to our office, or dropped in our secure mailbox located outside of our main entrance. Once your participation fee or scholarship is turned in and you have enrolled in 4-H Online, you are officially an Alpena County 4-H member!

Alpena County 4-H Participation Fee Scholarship Form

Become an Alpena County 4-H Volunteer

What can adults offer to 4-H?

Community members like yourself are the heart of our 4-H youth development program. Serving as a volunteer can be on a limited basis a couple times a year or on a more regular basis. Ways to volunteer with Alpena County 4-H include serving as a:
  • —Club Leader
  • —Short-term Special Interest (SPIN) Club Leader
  • —Resource Leader
  • —Council/Advisory Member
  • —Judge (Youth Day, Alpena County Fair)
  • —Interviewer (4-H Member of the Year, Senior Scholarship)
  • —and More!

Types of Volunteers

Club Leader (must go through VSP)
  • A club leader has completed the VSP and provides the overall leadership and organization of a 4-H club.
Resource Volunteer, Activity Volunteer, Project Leader (must go through VSP)
  • A resource, activity or project volunteer has completed the VSP and provides on-going leadership to a project within a 4-H club or activity. They might assist a club leader as needed, help with a specific event, work independently with a 4-H member, provide expertise on a topic, etc.
Episodic Volunteer
  • An episodic volunteer has NOT completed the VSP but assists the 4-H program through their efforts on a limited basis. They might include instructors or judges that help out occasionally. They may not serve as chaperones or be left unattended with 4-H members.

What is the Volunteer Selection Process (VSP)?

The VSP is for volunteers who desire to work directly with youth during the course of their participation in MSU Extension programs. The purpose of the Volunteer Selection Process is to help ensure the appropriate selection and placement of volunteers for MSU Extension activities involving youth. It’s also designed to provide documentation on volunteer selection and placement. A similar process is used for MSU Extension staff who work with youth programs. The VSP takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. Volunteers that have not went through the Michigan 4-H VSP may not serve as chaperones or be left unattended with 4-H members. The first step of the VSP is to complete a volunteer application and submit it at the Alpena MSUExtension office. When you submit your application please bring your driver’s license; which is required for completing the central registry clearance permission form that you will be asked to complete when you submit your application.

Alpena County 4-H Volunteer Application

For questions about becoming an Alpena County 4-H Volunteer please contact:

Michelle Eagling
Alpena County 4-H Program Coordinator
Michigan State University Extension
603 South Eleventh Avenue | Alpena, MI  49707
E-mail: | Office: 989-354-9870