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Department of Animal Science Leadership

Department Chair

Dr. Cathy Ernst

Associate Chair for Farm Operations and Stakeholder Relations

Dr. Dale Rozeboom

Associate Chair for Graduate Training and Research

Dr. Janice Siegford

Coordinator of the Undergraduate Program

Dr. Karen Waite

Coordinator of Dairy Education

Dr. Joe Domecq

Opportunities in Animal Science

Currently, animal industries are challenged by issues relating to the quality and safety of animal products, logical applications of biotechnology, disease resistance, animal comfort and well being, biological and management efficiency, global markets, sustainable agricultural systems and environmental stewardship.

The Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University offers education and research for the safe, nutritious and economical production of animal food and fiber, and of animals for recreational purposes, without compromising the environment or jeopardizing the health and well being of farm animals and farm communities. The department provides educational leadership through high-quality coursesresearch and extension/outreach programs to enhance human capital and ensure that Michigan producers and communities benefit from these.

We have a strong tradition of training outstanding students in animal science and related fields, and welcome prospective students who are interested in our programs and want to contribute to our mission. Graduates of our department have advanced to rewarding careers in universities, government agencies, the livestock industry, veterinary medicine and biomedicine.

Open Positions

There are no entries at this time.

Faculty Excellence

Faculty members within the Department of Animal Science possess a broad range of talents, interests and expertise. They are dedicated to scholarship and serving the animal industry through teaching, research, extension and public service in Michigan, nationally and internationally. Many have been recognized as leaders in their disciplines, having received numerous awards and research grants from professional organizations, societies and agencies within and outside of Michigan State University.

Agriculture & Natural Resources in Michigan

Agriculture is Michigan's second largest industry, with an annual state income from diversified animal production in excess of $1.2 billion. Nationally, Michigan ranks 7th in milk production, 5th in veal production, 11th in number of pigs, 12th in number of cattle on feed, 14th in egg production, 11th in turkey production and 22nd in sheep production.

Campus & Community

Founded in 1855, Michigan State University is the nation's first land-grant institution and is a member of the Big Ten Conference. The main campus of 2,100 acres consists of woodlots, gardens and natural areas, and is traversed by the Red Cedar River. Adjacent to the main campus lies the south campus consisting of 3,200 acres, which are devoted to agricultural research. Opportunities for multicultural and social activities abound at the university and in the adjacent cities of East Lansing and Lansing, the state capital.

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