bigstock-Elevated-View-Of-Juicy-Fresh-V-344111581Food Safety Hotline - 877-643-9882

Michigan Food Safety has a lot of helpful information that includes links to health departments, forms, online training, and general food safety information to help you provide food safely to consumers.

  • The MSU Product Center Food-Ag-Bio is a service offered through the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The Product Center can help you develop and commercialize high value, consumer-responsive products and businesses in the agriculture and natural resource sectors. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established company, the Product Center is your key to the front door of MSU’s vast and varied technical expertise, research, outreach, and educational services.
  • bigstock-Cleaning-Kitchen-Sink-2893444Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is the regulating agency regarding the Cottage Food Law and the following links provide you with the most current information:
    • MDARD CFL page
    • If you are ready to start the process to obtain a license and become a licensed retail food vendor, there are licensing processes you need to go through and MDARD is the organization that you will work with, as well as your local health department.



  • Selling Safe Food: The Michigan Cottage Food Law (E3363)

    Published on December 6, 2017

    The Michigan Cottage Food Law took effect in July 2010. This law gives small-scale entrepreneurs the opportunity to make and market specific foods from their home kitchens. It allows $25,000 per year per household in total sales before expenses.