MSU Tollgate Farm in Novi, Michigan has interactive, educational, and fun school and community field trips designed for a variety of ages.

Embryology (April-early June): How does a chicken grow from an egg to a chick to a chicken? How are the adult and young chickens alike but different? How does a chick use its external parts to survive, grow, meet their needs? Why do parents and offspring behave as they do? Explore these and other concepts as students engage with various stages of the chicken's life cycle.  Students investigate how animals use their external parts to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs as well as how behaviors of parents and offspring help the offspring survive. Participants will learn about the purposes of chickens on the farm and in the community and they connections between the egg and its source. Designed to align with Next Generation Science Standards, early elementary students will use science and engineering practices while having lots of chick-hatching fun!



Programs $ 12/per adult or child. Teachers are free. Financial aid process available.

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