Trees, Trees, Trees

A young child putting her hand on a tree cookie along with an adult also putting her hand on the tree cookie.  Both are squatting down in the grass outside.

MSU Tollgate Farm in Novi, Michigan has interactive, educational, and fun school and community field trips designed for a variety of ages.

Trees, Trees, Trees (September - October): How do trees survive and grow on the farm? What is something you observe that all trees have? What do some trees have and others don’t? How are trees different from other plants and how are they the same? How do trees compete with other trees for sun, water, nutrients to meet their essential needs? Observe and explore these and many more phenomena as you investigate the world of trees in the forest, orchard, and arboretum on the farm. Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, this program allows students experiential learning at its best! 



Programs $ 12/per adult or child. Teachers are free. Financial aid process available.

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