Junior Livestock Association

4-H youth showing sheepThe Junior Livestock Association serves to provide educational opportunities for youth involved in the beef, sheep and swine project areas. The Association also coordinates and holds the JLA Sale at fair for beef, sheep, swine and dairy feeders. Meetings are held the second Monday of the following months: October, December, February, April, June and August. All youth may vote, but please note that only youth who have sold in the previous year’s sale can vote on sale issues. The Buyer's Workshop, which is an educational workshop for youth to go through sale forms and etiquette on finding a buyer, occurs at the April JLA meeting.

JLA By-laws (includes sale rules) (revised February 2023)

Species Representative Responsibilities


JLA Sale 

July 11, 2024

Eaton County Fairgrounds
Sale will start at 10 a.m., with a pause for lunch following the beef sale.
Beef – Sheep – Swine

Sale Frequently Asked Questions for Sellers

2024 BBQ Lunch shift schedule TBD *Note: Adults must be Silver or Gold level 4-H volunteers
2024 BBQ Lunch list of food for clubs to bring TBD

Note: This list is based off of 4-H members enrolled in large animal projects in 4-H Online. These members are expected to contribute to the JLA Sale even if they are not selling in the sale itself as the JLA sale commission benefits all youth enrolled in these projects in the county through educational workshops, events, resources, and other association activities. Please make sure to have members working the lunch shifts sign-in at the back office at the start of their shift and cross off the name and items brought when food is brought to the back office.

Volunteer Shifts Sign Up

Sign up here: https://signup.com/go/fJhGyVK

  • Counter (Gold level 4-H volunteers or older teens ONLY for shifts that handle money, Silver level 4-H volunteers, Gold level 4-H volunteers, or older teens for other shifts)
  • Tech (Gold level 4-H volunteers or older teens ONLY for shifts that handle money, Silver level 4-H volunteers, Gold level 4-H volunteers, or older teens for other shifts)
  • Filing (Gold level 4-H volunteers, Silver level 4-H Volunteers, or youth)
  • Runners (youth)
  • Friday Counter/Tech (Gold level 4-H volunteers or older teens ONLY)
  • Money Counting (Gold level 4-H volunteers or older teens ONLY)
  • Thank you table (Gold level 4-H volunteers, Silver level 4-H volunteers, or youth)

If you are interested in a shift and need to complete volunteer screening (Gold or Silver level), you can find more information and apply at: https://msu.samaritan.com/custom/502/volunteer_home

Do you want your check early? Youth (or one representative from their family) who work a sale shift will be able to get their sale checks a week earlier than those who do not. Shifts that count for getting checks early: All the above listed volunteer shifts, working the JLA luncheon (bringing food does not count), helping with set up/tear down of the sale ring, helping with the thank you table. ALL SHIFTS MUST SIGN IN AT THE BACK OFFICE TO RECEIVE CREDIT.

Sale forms
  • Proxy Form (PDF; for buyers who cannot attend the sale)
  • Premium Form (PDF; for buyers who cannot attend the sale)
    • Buyers who cannot attend the sale can give premiums prior to fair using this form, which is due by July 3, 2024, by 5 p.m. to the Extension office. Buyers who wish to give premiums after must use the premium logs at the sale; these premiums are due by Friday, July 12, by noon (this is the day after the sale). No premiums are accepted after Friday at noon.
  • List of processors and prices 
  • Buyers passes – handed out at the Buyer's Workshop or pick up from Extension office (two per youth for new buyers; last year’s buyers are mailed passes in June)
  • All JLA/SAA Payments are due August 15, 2024. Late payments will result in 1.5% financial charge added for every 30 days after August 15, 2024. 
  • Generic Cut up Sheet (for Jones, please pick up from Extension office (or Back 4-H Office during fair week) as their form has a carbon copy
Carcass Contest

If you have a carcass animal, you must have your buyer fill out both the Jones cut up sheet AND a buyer agreement form. Please indicate the youth name and tag number of the animal on the buyer agreement form in the appropriate box for the animal (all carcass animals are at Jones). A packet of forms and instructions must be picked up at the Extension office starting in May (forms have carbon copies). The cut up sheet will be turned in when the animal is unloaded at the fair; the buyer agreement can be turned in either with the cut up sheet or prior to fair week to the Extension office. NEW as of 2019: If the buyer is the parent of the youth, please indicate this on the buyer agreement form. Families who are buying their own youth's animal will only be charged the JLA sale commission; payment due directly to JLA.

Carcass contest form instructions 

Carcass prices for 2023 (2024 prices TBD)

  • Lambs: $7.00
  • Hogs: $2.50
  • Beef: $3.50