Entomology Community Norms


MSU Entomology aims to create an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and encouraging in which our community can thrive and succeed. To achieve this aim, our department strives to: Create a climate of open communication; Create a climate supportive of diversity, equity, and inclusion; Address conflict; Address imbalances related to power differentials; Maintain high standards for knowledge production and learning; and Promote high quality mentorship. Our Community Norms serve two primary purposes. First, they provide insight on our shared values to those outside our community. Second, they may provide an internal framework to guide conversations within our department when concerns related to culture and climate arise. The Community Norms are not requirements, regulations or rules. 

To create a climate of open communication, MSU Entomologists will…

  • Commit ourselves to honest and civil communication across all levels of our community.
  • Respect and listen to those who raise different views.
  • Communicate and respect personal boundaries.
  • Recognize that professional interactions can be difficult but we will treat people with respect and care.
  • Objectively listen to and consider all parties when questions or concerns about potential misconduct are raised.
  • Allow everyone to express opinions or concerns without fear of retaliation.

 To create a climate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, MSU Entomologists will…

  • Be inclusive and reduce barriers.
  • Be considerate of accessibility for all community members.
  • Respect diversity of all people and cultures.
  • Reject discrimination.
  • Accept and embrace our uniqueness.
  • Acknowledge and address biases.
  • Encourage department members to take implicit bias training.

To address conflict, MSU Entomologists will…

  • Recognize that scientific disagreements are part of our profession, and should not be taken personally.
  • Resolve conflict in a timely, civil and respectful manner.
  • Use formal grievance processes when needed.

To address imbalances related to power differentials, MSU Entomologists will…

  • Acknowledge power differentials among community members.              
  • Act honestly and professionally.
  • Treat others with dignity and respect.
  • Maintain and respect the confidentiality and privacy of others.
  • Reward output based on contributions.

To maintain high standards for knowledge production and learning, MSU Entomologists will…

  • Respect each other’s expertise.
  • Respect collaboration across disciplines.
  • Respect methodological and disciplinary diversity in research, teaching, outreach, and extension.
  • Discuss project expectations, intellectual contributions, and authorship credit early and iteratively
  • Uphold ethical standards in the production of intellectual property and use of resources.

To promote high quality mentorship, MSU Entomologists will…

  • Encouraging sharing among department members of research, teaching, extension and outreach    materials.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities that for all students, post docs, and early-career faculty
  • Recognize and respect diverse career opportunities and pathways.


These community norms were developed through the collaborative efforts of the Entomology Department Diveristy, Equity, Inclusion Committee, the Department Advisory Committee and in discussion with department faculty, staff, and students. Please contact the Entomology Department Advisory Committee (chair, Henry Chung) if you have suggested changes or improvements to our department community norms.