CSUS Hamm-Norris Seminar Series- Maria Claudia Lopez & Cavallini Igor Johansen

October 16, 2023 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Natural Resources Building Room 338 or Zoom

Join the CSUS department for the Hamm-Norris seminar series where folks from the CSUS community share about their latest scholarship and research. The seminar will be held in person in Natural Resources Building, Room 338 and online at:
Meeting ID: 977 1523 2159
Passcode: CSUS

October 16th features Maria Claudia Lopez & Cavallini Igor Johansen's talk entitled "People’s preferences towards an energy system: Insights from national representative surveys in Brazil and US."

Seminar Summary: The academic community and practitioners working on energy issues are concerned with the synergistic effects between energy production and climate change. The energy transition is meant to mitigate climate change, as well as reduce vulnerabilities and increase adaptation. It is commonly assumed that populations understand the necessity to reduce emissions, including through transforming our electricity grid towards more sustainable and less polluting energy sources. Recent research conducted by our team, using two nationally representative samples of Brazil and the US, sheds new light on the preferences individuals from these two countries have with regards to an hypothetical energy system. We found that both in Brazil and US the characteristic that is most appreciated in an energy system is its low cost.  In the US high reliability and minimal health risk are the second and third preferred characteristics, whereas in Brazil minimal health risks and environmental risks are preferred. These results highlight that achieving an energy transition will require the support of a population that presently prioritizes low energy costs over environmental and health concerns. These findings underscore the importance of enhancing communication about the causes, consequences, and mitigation strategies of climate change.

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