Analyzing Safeguards for a Climate-smart Forest Economy (CSFE)

Analyzing Safeguards for a Climate-smart Forest Economy (CSFE)


The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is currently engaged in a multi-actor effort called the Climate Smart Forest Economy Program (CSFEP) alongside a number of partners including the World Economic Forum, World Resources Institute (WRI), Dalberg, and Climate-KIC. The group is exploring the potential of “breakthrough initiatives” that the CSFEP might support as pathways “that can demonstrate the full responsible potential of forests and sustainable forest products to pave the path for future green growth”¹.  Further, TNC is involved in various research projects that address current gaps in fully understanding the climate potential of sustainable forest products. The FCCP will support TNC in the CSFEP as central to the work area, and cross cutting workstream related to safeguards. 

Per their overview document, CSFEP aims to:

  • Determine the impact and market potential of sustainable forest product use, and under which conditions multiplier effects are achieved, through targeted research on shifting perceptions
  • Demonstrate the impact and market case for using sustainable forest products to move towards a ‘step change’ in the market, showcasing the climate benefits of a holistic 3S approach, and supporting stakeholders to achieve the multiplier effect
  • Incentivize key stakeholders (including industry, governments, foresters, and financial institutions) to invest in sustainable forest products, creating active incentives and diminishing current barriers

TNC is the pillar lead in synthesizing scientific findings and clarifying effective safeguards for the CSFEP. The FCCP will join TNC in these activities, aiming to support TNC in addressing current and emerging research questions related to forest product use and climate implications, and to specifically undertake activities related to safeguards. Additional topics of potential interest include: carbon storage by forest product type; tradeoffs in production and conservation; cultural and economic impacts of shifting market dynamics; labor and environmental policy; stakeholder engagement and benefit sharing; and best practices for forest management.


Safeguards for a Sustainable Forest Economy

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Part l: Needs and Principles for CSFE Safeguards

Part Il: Efficient and Effective Safeguards Assessment and Implementation for a Climate-Smart Forest Economy


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  1. CSFEP. 2020. Responsibly unlocking the full climate potential of forests and sustainable forest products. Concept note.