USDA NIFA Regional (2019-2022): A Regional Blended Learning Model to Understand Forest Carbon Management

With funding from USDA NIFA, the FCCP and partners have developed educational content on key forest carbon issues and practical management applications in three U.S. regions: Pacific Northwest, Northeastern US, and Southeastern US. The content developed includes geographically-focused e-learning modules, a blended learning model featuring a virtual field component (Northeast US), and a series of original maps and figures created using spatial analyses & FIA data to illustrate statuses and trends of forest and carbon dynamics within each region. These original maps, figures, and graphics are available for free use with citation and can be downloaded from our Open Resource Library. White paper summaries of regional forests, carbon, and climate considerations are also available for download from our Reports & White Papers page. Online professional development courses on the US Pacific Northwest, the US Northeast, and the US Southeast allow learners to select their region of interest and are available for purchase through our Professional Development Courses page (course details listed under the FCCP Intensive: US Regions page).



Forest Carbon and Climate Change in the Northeast Region of the United States

Forest Carbon and Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest Region of the United States

Forest Carbon and Climate Change in the Southeast Region of the United States

FCCP Reports & Writing


Carbon Trends and Pools by Cover Type Group


Forest Carbon Density



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