Professional Development Courses

MSU FCCP is pleased to announce a collection of online short courses tailored for natural resource professionals, extension agents, and landowners. For more information about each course, including registration details, click on a selected course below. 

Short Courses 

This category covers intensive professional short courses that will take 6 - 8 weeks to complete. Each course is self-paced and offered entirely online. 

Understanding Forest Carbon Management

This course is designed to provide a robust introduction to the benefits of forest land management specific to carbon while offering clear action paths. Topic areas include carbon cycle and storage science, domestic and international policy overview, project case studies, management considerations, measurement basics, and available tools and support.

Mini Courses 

This category covers 2-3 week short courses that are focused on specific forest carbon and climate topics. Each course is self-paced and offered entirely online. 

Forest Certification and Climate Change

Learners will develop a robust understanding for forest land values and ecologic services linking carbon management and climate change mitigation activities with forest certification. Topic areas include the physical science of forests and climate and forest certification and climate change. This course may be used to fulfill SFI continuing education requirements in participating states. 



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