USDA NIFA Support to Develop Short Course Training

Project Description 

The Michigan State University Forestry Department is working in partnership with the USDA Forest Service's Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS) and the USDA Northern Forest Climate Hub (USDA Hub) to develop a robust e-learning program with content focused on forest carbon management. The intended audience for this effort is natural resource professionals and extension agents. 

This approach will reach many in rural areas who would otherwise be difficult to reach with in-person educational approaches. Project outputs include an e-course on Forest Carbon Management (eligible for continuing education credits), and an e-learning module refined for a broad audience. Success will be evaluated via a pre- and post-test survey of course trainees. We expect that this project will increase natural resource professionals' understanding of forest carbon management and that forest landowners will have access to advice and information about carbon benefits and markets for their woodland management activities.

Project Timeline 

September 2017 - August 2019