Community Connections

The following are a selection of images, captions, and quotes from Flint residents who participated in the photo project on food access in Flint and the impact of COVID-19. Most of the photos show intersecting themes, for example one photo and caption might illustrate family, cooking and healthy eating. Photos on these pages are just shared in one category to help show the breadth of data we received.

These data illustrate the theme of community connections.

This theme appeared 174 times in the data.

We define the community connections theme as descriptions of people who are connected because they belong to the same community. It can also be used for instances of social bonding, relationships, or different activities involving food with other community members or neighbors.

Flint Residents Shared

Dinner at a table
“Dinner with friends”

Dinner table filled with food
"This is our food bank collaborative dinner. I didn’t have time to grocery shop, but I had food in my freezer, and my friend just went to the food bank, and so we just put food together and this was our dinner.”

Small raised bed garden
“We had to rely on our botanist neighbors a few streets over to tend to the garden during the peak of the growing season. But [Wife’s Name] and the kids, especially, spent lots of time digging around in the garden and learning about how to tend to the plants.”

Garden starter kits
“CAC Distribution (6/11/2020) – Garden starter kits distribution to Deaf & Hard of Hearing families, at the Communication Access Center in Flint.”

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*Note: The statements provided here represent the voices of the Flint residents who participated in this research project. They are not necessarily reflective of the values or opinions of Michigan State University or its affiliates.