The following are a selection of images, captions, and quotes from Flint residents who participated in the photo project on food access in Flint and the impact of COVID-19. Most of the photos show intersecting themes, for example one photo and caption might illustrate family, cooking and healthy eating. Photos on these pages are just shared in one category to help show the breadth of data we received.

These data illustrate the theme of family.

This theme appeared 261 times in the data.

We define the family theme as descriptions referring to people that are related through blood, marriage, or close social relationships. It can also be used for instances of social bonding, relationships, or different food related activities involving family members. We encouraged participants to define who was in their family.

Flint Residents Shared

Children picking blueberries in a garden
“Growing food was new to many people during the pandemic. I have always had a small garden but this year, because they [my grandkids] stayed with me I was able to introduce gardening to my 4, 5 & 6 year old grandchildren. We also spent a morning picking blue berries.”

Dog in front of a tv
“Thankful for old friends and family on this Thanksgiving 2020. Our [Dog’s name] was ready for turkey!”

Smoked salmon and cream cheese dip
“The fish was for a family birthday celebration. The fish is a smoked salmon and cream cheese that I took the time to decorate for a friend’s birthday. People love artsy food. I do a lot of vegetable bouquets or fruit art. Makes the occasion special.”

Venison chili in a crockpot
“It’s that time of year again! Venison chili with stewed tomatoes my parents and I canned!”

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*Note: The statements provided here represent the voices of the Flint residents who participated in this research project. They are not necessarily reflective of the values or opinions of Michigan State University or its affiliates.