The following are a selection of images, captions, and quotes from Flint residents who participated in the photo project on food access in Flint and the impact of COVID-19. Most of the photos show intersecting themes, for example one photo and caption might illustrate family, cooking and healthy eating. Photos on these pages are just shared in one category to help show the breadth of data we received.

These data illustrate the theme of eating from restaurants.

This theme appeared 137 times in the data.

We define the restaurant theme as: discussions of businesses that make ready to eat food to sell to customers.

Flint Residents Shared

Breakfast at a diner
“Big breakfast”

Burger and fries
“First take out in months from Soggy Bottom”

Beirut Restaurant at the farmers market
“The last stop at the farmer’s market is usually Beirut Restaurant. This is where we get freshly-made hummus and pita bread. While there are some pretty good Middle Eastern options around here, generally speaking it’s hard to find decent “ethnic” food within 45 minutes to an hour of Flint. We can’t eat at any of the local “Chinese” restaurants, and the Indian options are just OK. [Name] loves pho, but the pho place at the market doesn’t have vegetarian offerings. We also haven’t found a Mexican place we can eat at without going into a sodium coma. The lack of quality dining is a major drawback to living in Flint, in my opinion, and the fact that we are traveling less in general during Covid means that we have little opportunity to eat out at a diverse range of places.”

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*Note: The statements provided here represent the voices of the Flint residents who participated in this research project. They are not necessarily reflective of the values or opinions of Michigan State University or its affiliates.