Greenhouse Pest Management

  • Recommended Insecticides for Common Greenhouse Pests on Vegetables, Herbs, and Leafy Greens (March, 2017)
    This one-page pdf document provides summary information for which insecticides are labeled for various vegetable and herb crops, as well as which products are labeld for varoius insect pests.  Developed by MSU's Erica Hotchkiss, Dave Smitley, and Heidi Lindberg.
  • Commercially Available Biological Control Agents for Common Greenhouse Insect Pests (December, 2015)
    This 6-page fact sheet provides information and photos on commercially available beneficial organisms (parasitoids, predators, and beneficial nematodes) and their target pests.  It was developed by Heidi Wollaeger (MSU Extension), Dave Smitley (MSU), and Ray Cloyd (Kansas St. Univ.).
  • Growing Flowering Plants that are Safe for Pollinators in the Yard and Garden (October, 2014)
    This Microsoft PowerPoint presentation was developed by Dave Smitley, entomologist at MSU.  It presents information on the neonicotinoid crisis that faces the ornamental plant industries, discusses the decline in bee colonies, and presents recent research-based information on the subject at MSU and other institutions.
  • Pest Management on Poinsettias (July, 2014)
    MSU entomologist Dave Smitley presents information on pest management of poinsettia with notes about products that contain neonicotinoid insecticides.
  • Protecting Pollinators in the Yard and Garden (April, 2014)
    Written by entomologist Dave Smitley, this pdf document provides answers for garden centers to four commonly asked questions about bees and neonicotinoid insecticides.
  • Pesticide Storage and Handling Guidelines for Greenhouses (January, 2011)
    This self-assessment tool helps greenhouse growers evaluate how effectively their pesticide storage and handling practices protect groundwater and surface water resources. Developed by Jeanne Himmelein (MSU Extension) and Linda Zibak (Michigan Water Stewardship Program).
  • MSU Diagnostic Services
    Do you have a plant pest or disease, or suspect a plant virus?  Have it diagnosed by submitting a sample to MSU Diagnosic Services.  Visit this site to learn about what services are provided, how to submit a sample, and the cost for each service.


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