Doctoral Program Quick Reference

Mail Folder is provided in Collaboration Room (154 Natural Resources)
Office space assignment - see Major Professor or Renee Tilley (126 Natural Resources)
Room keys ($10 deposit) - see Renee Tilley (126 Natural Resources)

Guidance Committee

Shall be formed within the first two semesters of doctoral study. Minimum of 4 regular faculty, 3 with earned PhD (2 non-regular faculty may serve).
Emeritus faculty with approval of department chairperson and graduate school.
More than four committee members is allowed.

Non-MSU faculty in addition to the three MSU faculty requires graduate school approval.

Program Plan

Complete within one semester of the committee’s first meeting in GradPlan.

Course Requirements

Courses will be prescribed by the guidance comm.; this is in addition to the completion of a minimum of 24 research credits (FOR 999).

Required Course

FOR 802 Forest Science Research must be taken during the first semester of the program

Time Limits

Eight years

Comprehensive Exams

Must be passed within five years of the first course taken towards degree. Must be enrolled the semester comps are done.


Must be submitted in GradPlan for approval by Dean of College and Dean of Graduate School. Upon approval of the extension, doctoral comprehensive exams must be passed again.

GPA Expected

3.0 or higher

FOR 890

Maximum of (7) seven credits

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