It's unbelizable, but Michigan will travel to Belize in TBD.



  • High-school age youth and adult chaperones
  • Delegates will participate in a 4-H camp yet to be determined.
  • No language barrier - English is spoken in Belize!

Belize group airport

Michigan 2018 delegation, four youth and two chaperones. 


  • You must have a child of the same gender and within 3 years of the hosted youth
  • Families without children of the appropriate age may host an adult chaperone
  • No special activities need to be planned, these youth want to experience American culture and make new friends
  • Belize exchange is most interested in a Farm to Farm exchange. Host families with Agricultural connections are strongly encouraged.
  • Volunteer to participate in the program
  • You don’t need to be involved with 4-H to host, but we ask you to complete Michigan Volunteer Selection Process and register for 4-H as part of our hosting process.

Please note: Host family selection is dependent on completion of an application and screening process as well as student availability and personality compatibility.


Pastries from a bakery in Belize.

Travel Information coming soon.

For more information, contact: