At Home Educational Resources


Resources for parents & caregivers:

 Home Alone Webinar Series…

Thousands of students in Michigan and across the country are unexpectedly finding themselves home without adult supervision. This online series will help youth learn how to keep themselves safe as well as teach them about nutrition, emotional well-being, and even some fun science experiments to do at home! Each session will have two different topic areas and include guided physical activity.


Utah 4-H Discover Clubs Curriculum

Utah 4-H has amazing curriculum around a huge list of project areas that you can do right at home!


4-H Virtual Farm

Check out the 4-H Virtual Farm available through Virginia Cooperative Extension. The program takes viewers on a tour of the industry. They can find out why farming is part of their life without visiting a farm. Through the site viewers meet with a producer, learn about science, about each industry and the food chain. This could be a terrific support for leaders who are postponing club meetings. The site focuses on the following farms: Aquaculture, Beef, Dairy, Poultry, Wheat, and Horse. Join on a trip to discover farming at


Zoonotic Disease Education (transferring from animal to human and vice versa)

Printable book "Be a Zoonotic Disease Detective" - this would be good to do prior to fair...…/be-a-zoonotic-disease-detective-…



Fun Coloring Pages and Games

I'll be trying to post helpful information and fun activities to do at home during the next few weeks. Here are some free children's games and coloring pages-they have Easter pages right now also!


Michgian 4-H Easy Science Activities

There is a new article with 84 lessons you can do at home:…/84-easy-science-lessons-you-can-…

These lessons are from the wide range of lessons and news articles done by the MSUE Children & Youth Science Team. I screened them for:
-elementary and middle-school age
-only required supplies you probably already had at home
-hands-on activities
-short prep time
-don't need prior knowledge


Scholastic Free Education

Scholastic is offering free online courses so your kids can keep learning while schools are closed


Michigan 4-H Educational Activities

List of great 4-H educational activities while kids are home from school!

Website up:…/Educational-Resources-for-Schoo…/

More information coming!