Scholarship/Trip Information


Lapeer County 4-H College Scholarships

The Lapeer County 4-H Program has numerous scholarships available this year to assist 4-H’ers with continuing educational expenses:

  • 4-H Council Scholarship - open to all 4-H members
  • Tina Novotney Scholarship - open to 4-H beef project members

For these scholarships, Lapeer County 4-H has one application, which is sent out to eligible youth in May and is due June 30, 2023. Eligible youth are high school seniors or first year college students that are currently an active Lapeer County 4-H member and have been active for at least four years in the Lapeer County 4-H program.  Awards are announced during fair. Click here for forms to apply!

 Educational Trip Scholarships

Through the Lapeer County 4-H Awards Program, 4-H’ers are eligible for Educational Trip Scholarships. A youth must be nominated by completing a County Awards Nomination Form found in the “County Awards Program” page on this site. 

4-H CAPITOL EXPERIENCE: (Lansing, MI):  Any 4-H member, grades 9-12, is eligible to represent Lapeer County at a state 4-H program in citizenship, leadership and community service.  $50 deposit is required with application; applicant will not be allowed to turn in application without deposit. Deposit check will be returned to applicants not receiving the award.

CITIZENSHIP WASHINGTON FOCUS:  (National 4-H Center, Washington, D.C.).  Members must be an active 4-H member - at least 15 years of age on or before Sept. 1 of the current year. Selection based on overall accomplishments in 4-H. Most of the cost is paid by 4-H Council. Cost per delegate is $250, plus spending money. A $50 deposit is required with the county award form and will be applied towards the $250 delegate’s cost. Applicant will not be allowed to turn in application without $50 deposit. Deposit check will be returned to applicants not receiving the award.  

NATIONAL 4-H CONGRESS:  4-H’er must be 14-18 years (4-H age) on Jan. 1 of this current 4-H year. National 4-H Congress is 4-H’s national leadership development workshop beginning the day after Thanksgiving in a different city every year. This is a 5-day workshop where teens from around U.S. learn more about issues related to youth and develop skills to be citizen leaders. It includes town hall meetings, service projects, science and technology literacy and more. $50 deposit is required with application; applicant will not be allowed to turn in application without deposit. Applicant receiving the award will be given that $50 as spending money at the Congress. Deposit check will be returned to other applicants.

 Additional Lapeer County 4-H Scholarships

Michigan 4-H Rabbit/Cavy Scholarship

Award amount: Varies, two to four given annually

Who can apply: Those who will be college freshmen in the Fall 2023. Students must have been enrolled in a 4-H rabbit or cavy project for at least three years.

Michigan State University 4-H Scholarship

Award amount: $2,500 annually for four consecutive years of full-time study at MSU. Six scholarships are given annually.

Who can apply:
4-H members who are high school seniors must apply to MSU and submit the MSU 4-H Scholarship Application by November 1 of their senior year. Applicants must meet the standard admissions requirements of the university and be accepted to MSU.

Michigan State University Pre-College Program Scholarship

Award amount: $2,000 applied toward the student’s first year at MSU as a degree-seeking student. Scholarship recipients are not guaranteed admission to MSU and must meet admission requirements upon submitting the MSU application as an incoming undergraduate.

Who can apply: Students in 8th, 9th or 10th grade following their MSU pre-college program involvement (such as 4-H Exploration Days, 4-H Great Lakes & Natural Resources Camp, 4-H Renewal Energy Camp, 4-H Animal & Veterinary Science Camp or 4-H Capitol Experience). Students will be invited to apply by their county MSU Extension 4-H staff for Exploration Days or the pre-college program director for GLNR Camp, Renewable Energy Camp, 4-H Animal & Veterinary Science Camp and Capitol Experience.

Michigan 4-H Foundation Scholarships

The Michigan 4-H Foundation offers scholarships to attend Michigan State University. There is no separate application process for these awards scholarships – recipients are selected from the MSU 4-H Scholarship applicant pool.

 Funding 4-H Youth Development Scholarships

Contact the Michigan 4-H Foundation if you would like to help support 4-H youth in their pursuit of a college education. There are various ways you can make a gift to create a 4-H scholarship fund.