ARC and PLC assistance offered in help room at Great Lakes Crop Summit

MSU Extension is hosting a help room at the 2020 Great Lakes Crop Summit to provide one-on-one assistance for Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Contract (PLC) decisions.

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Photo by Monica Jean, MSU Extension

Signup for the 2018 Farm Bill commodity programs has begun. Producers can choose between Price Loss Contract (PLC), Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) at the county level (ARC-CO) or ARC at the individual level (ARC-IC). In addition, they can also elect to update their PLC yields. The program signup deadline is March 15, 2020. Failing to enroll your eligible farms will continue the program selected from the 2014 Farm Bill, but with no payment for 2019.

Michigan State University Extension is hosting a help room during the 2020 Great Lakes Crop Summit to assist producers in analyzing these decisions. Using the MSU Extension ARC-PLC Decision Tool, MSU Extension educators from the farm management and field crops teams will work with you to evaluate the yield update and program decisions for your farm.

The help room will be during the 2020 Great Lakes Crop Summit at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, from 12 – 6 p.m. on Jan. 29 and 9 – 11 a.m. on Jan. 30. Please bring base acres and PLC yield information for each farm number, which can be requested from your local Farm Service Agency office. You will also need actual crop yields for 2013 to 2017 for each farm number. This can be collected from crop insurance or farm records.

If you are not able to attend these sessions, the Excel-based ARC-PLC Decision Tool can be downloaded. Alternatively, your local field crops or farm management educator can provide local, individual assistance. Additionally, MSU Extension has partnered with local FSA offices to offer multiple Farm Bill Meetings across the Michigan during January 2020. Speakers include both MSU specialists/educators as well as your local FSA staff. For a complete listing of locations, dates and times, please visit our MSU Events page at

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