January 26th Bailey Community Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Bailey Community Council Meeting led by Bailey Co-Directors Sammi Trepeck and Madi Pellman on January 26, 2022.

Bailey Scholars meeting --January 26th 

Student leaders: Sammi and Madi 

Attendees: Autumn Brecht, Olivia Triltsch, Rishi Rao Panmi, Olivia Trilstch, Osten Eschedor, Brian Goldsmith

Class Reports

  • ANR 210- Amit and Erik
    • Working on syllabus  
  • ANR 310: Saul and Sara
    • Started syllabus and developing the rubrics
  • ANR 410 Section 1-Dustin
    • Worked on syllabus
    • Started thinking about the research question
  • ANR 410 Section 2-Dustin
    • Looking at campus resources and bringing light to the resources less known
    • Analyzing data of what students are looking for
    • Wants to request funding for gift cards for a future meeting(Will do at a future meeting)

 Upcoming things in Bailey 

  • Arts & Crafts: February 14th
  • Community lunch: February 14th
  • February BCC: Feb 23

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