Bailey Community Council Meeting Minutes: September

Minutes from the Bailey Community Council Meeting, which was held on September 12, 2019.

Core Classes Report

  • 310

So far, the class has been busy chipping away at key tasks. They have covered grading, course subjects, and their syllabus. The class might need funding to go to the gun range and or go ice skating. Specific amounts for funding to be determined.

The class has been very focused on out of classroom learning experiences and activities. They have been documenting their learning through Digication. They have been utilizing the learning cycles and write reflections after each section of learning.

  • 210

Section 1: The class has been working to get more familiar with Digication. Digication is how this class will be documenting their learning, so they have been focusing on setting a good foundation on Digication. They have worked on making e-portfolios alongside activities geared towards getting to know one another and the Bailey Scholars Program and the 5 questions. 


Section 2: Section 2 has been working very heavily in the world Digication and creating their e-Portfolio. They have also began work on their syllabus. Their current goal is to complete the syllabus by 9/23. Their syllabus and Digication work has been centered around the 5 questions and who and what they value. They have had readings do along with other guiding videos and materials.


  • Engagement

September Events coming to an end, good engagement so far.

  • Service

Blood drive 9/19 and Adopt a Beach 9/21

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