Bailey Scholars Program Director Presents at the 2018 Engagement Scholarship Consortium

Bailey Scholars Program Director Presents at the 2018 Engagement Scholarship Consortium.

Graphic showing overlapping circles between community engagement or partnerships indicating relationships in these areas.

On October 1, 2018, Dr. Jennifer "Jeno" Rivera, the director of the CANR Liberty Hyde Bailey Scholars Program and Vincent Delgado, the director of the Program on Sustainability in Costa Rica (Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, Michigan State University) presented at an Engagement Scholarship Consortium. The 2018 Engagement Scholarship Consortium was held in Minneapolis, MN and the theme of the consortium's 19th annual conference was "Transforming Higher Education Through Engaged Scholarship".

The title of Dr. Rivera and Delgado's talk was "Teaching and Learning at Heart: The MSU/RCAH Program on Sustainability in Costa Rica – a Networked Community Participatory Model for Engaged Education Abroad." Some key points from their presentation included: 

  • Discussing preliminary results of an exhaustive evaluation of the Costa Rica program so as to understand its educational, campus and community impacts.
  • Identifying the best and not so best practices in developing the program.
  • Recommending ideas to campuses considering network-based, engaged educational hub models.
  • Considering the program’s origins in a Costa Rican partner summit in 2014 in which Costa Rican partner communities and organizations suggested that   “MSU needs to take itself out of the center and allow for community partners to play a more significant role in designing, developing and leading this program.”

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