Bailey Scholars Program Members Participate and Present at the 2018 Lilly Conference

Three Bailey Scholars Program members participated and presented at the 2018 Lilly Conference in October. The conference was held in Traverse city, Michigan.

Lauren Tamm and Reva Durr at the 2018 Lilly conference. Photo courtesy of Dustin Petty.

In mid-October, three members of the Bailey Scholars Program attended the Lilly Conference on Teaching and Learning in Traverse City, Michigan.  Dustin DuFort Petty, BSP Academic Advisor, and undergraduate scholars Reva Durr and Lauren Tamm, participated and presented in the three day conference.  Dustin hosted a 50-minute session titled “Sustaining the Integrity of Experiential Learning Through All-Community Programmatic Reflection” while Reva and Lauren presented a 20-minute session called “Making the Shift:  Student Reflections about the Learning ePortfolio”.

“Jeno, when she was a new Bailey Faculty Fellow, took a group of us to the same conference ten years ago,” said Dustin.  “It was a privilege to take Reva and Lauren and see them experience and network with educators from throughout the country. They were the only undergraduates there and did such a phenomenal job.”

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