Bailey Scholars Program Offers A 3-Credit, Online Section of ANR 311

This summer, the Bailey Scholars Program is offering a three credit, online section of ANR 311.

Flyer of ANR 311 with images of diversity and social justice.

This summer, the Bailey Scholars Program is offering a three credit, online section of ANR 311.  This class can count as a substitute for either ANR 310 or ANR 410.  (Students, however, can also take it in addition to the three core courses.)

What: This is a special topics course, meaning that the topic has already been selected.  That topic is:  Developing Intercultural Competencies & Confronting Prejudice.  However, just like any Bailey course, the class will work together to decide how they want to learn the topic and how to assess their learning.
When: The class will run May 17th through August 19th.  The class will meet a least once a week online and there will be lessons available offline, as well.
Who: Dustin Petty will be the instructor of the course.  Undergraduate Bailey Scholars will be my co-learners.
How: How will we learn?  We’ll decide as a group.  As the instructor, I have resources and lessons already planned.  But we have two months to learn how to be better humans who are more prepared to work in a diverse world.  This class will help you get a leg-up no matter what your major or goals.
If you have any questions or concerns about this section or want to be enrolled in it, please email Dustin at

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