BQA session to be offered in Standish

Beef producers can get Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified at a meeting conducted by Michigan State University Extension on January 17, 2019 at the Saginaw Tribal Center in Standish. The meeting begins at 6:00 pm and will conclude by 9:00.

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The session will feature education about beef quality as impacted by producer management including minimizing injection site lesions, proper antibiotic use and low stress cattle handling. Participants may take an exam at the end of the educational session to become BQA-certified and receive a certificate with a BQA registered number. In addition, specified cattle auctions will be notified of producer BQA certification.

BQA certification is being required by some packers. Their buyers will be bidding on animals at auction that come from BQA-certified producers. Packers want to be able to assure consumers that the animals are being raised and handled well, from birth until harvest.

Quality beef is paramount to all who are involved in the beef industry. Cow-calf producers oversee the birth of new calves each year with great care. They sell those weaned calves , often weighing 500-700 lbs. to producers will grow them more. Finally, beef cattle are finished in feedlots where they put on weight with the right amount of fattening. Animals are humanely treated throughout life and at harvest time. The goal for producers at all stages of the animal’s life is to raise healthy, well-fed animals so that consumers will enjoy safe and delicious meat.

The Saganing Tribal Center is located at 5447 Sturman Rd, Standish. There is no cost to attend this meeting or to take the certification test. To reserve your place, or for further information, contact Phil Durst, Michigan State University Extension, at 989-387-5346 or Kable Thurlow at 989-426-7741.

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