Chlorpyrifos banned on food crops

Chlorpyrifos use on all food crops is being banned, thus it will not be available to growers in spring 2022.


The fate of chlorpyrifos has been in question for a few years now but on Aug. 18, 2021 the current administration announced it is banning chlorpyrifos use on all food  crops. This was decided by the court, not through a standard EPA regulatory process, which is unusual in pesticide regulation. The rule will take effect six months from now, therefore this active ingredient will not be available for the 2022 growing season. Some manufacturers have already stopped manufacturing insecticides with this active ingredient, others are expected to follow suit.

Chlorpyrifos is the active ingredient name, but many vegetable producers know it as Lorsban, one of the tradenames among many other names. This insecticide was critical for early season pest management in numerous vegetable crops, especially for controlling different species of maggots.

In some cases, effective insecticide alternatives are available (i.e., cyantraniliprole) but in others, growers will have to increasingly rely on non-chemical pest management methods, such as crop rotation and physical barriers (netting, covers) to keep out pests. To look up alternative insecticides registered for use in different crops, search the database in the Midwest Vegetable Production Guide.

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