Dennis Young receives 2018 Packaging Alumni Association Hall of Fame Award

Dennis Young receives 2018 Packaging Alumni Association Hall of Fame Award

Dennis Young graduated from the MSU School of Packaging in 1968 and was active with the MSUPAA in in the mid-1980s. He also is a life member of the MSU Alumni Association.

Luckily for the School of Packaging (SoP), Dennis has never disconnected! In his 50 years of success, both as an academic and a packaging industry professional, Dennis has always made himself accessible to the students of the SoP. Since the 1980s, he has been a role model for students, first as an adviser and now through teaching three or four core packaging courses at a time. Through his career-long relationships and expertise, he continues to secure donations, as well as valuable teaching and learning components for his design and prototyping laboratory at the school. Dennis is a true lifelong learner and a mentor for many of us in the field of packaging.

Professionally, Dennis has spent time at IBM, RDP Corporation, Lansmont Corporation, RIT, Dennis Young and Associates, and the MSU SoP. He is the 2009 Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute Hall of Fame winner and the 1992 MSU Packaging Alumnus of the Year. He has consulted with over 100 companies, many of which are Fortune 500 companies.

Most recently, Dennis has dedicated all of his spare time to be the best instructor at the SoP that he can be. He recently overhauled the PKG 101 content to focus on the value of packaging and its role in our society today. He did this in addition to his other course responsibilities, many of which he has invented from scratch. His efforts have allowed recent graduates the opportunity to dive deeper into new, innovative subjects as they relate to packaging. In addition to all he does for the school, its students and the professionals in the industry, he cares greatly for his family and aims to spend as much time with them as possible

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