Discover plant-lover applications for your smart phone or tablet

Gardening tips, tree identification, help with seed selection, garden planning and flower garden games are all available on your smart phone or tablet.

Smart phones have something for everyone. For the plant lover, there are thousands of plant-related applications or “apps” available for download. There are great apps for all plant and garden-related interests, and many are being developed at universities across the country and are available for education and entertainment.

One great app is Leafsnap: An Electronic Field Guide. According to, “Leafsnap is the first in a series of electronic field guides being developed by researchers from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institution. This free mobile app uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of their leaves.” The seventh-grade leaf collecting project just got a whole lot simpler for both students and parents! This app also includes great games and other tree-related information.

There are apps for planning a new flower bed, too. Some of these will help you select flowers according to color, height, growing conditions and other garden criteria, including Mobile Educator: Flowers 101 which was created for students at Iowa State University. According to an article on the Iowa State University website, “If a home gardener wants to find a specific plant to grow, say a yellow flower that grows to 12 inches high and also does well in a Midwestern climate, he will be able to find at least one plant that fills those requirements.”

Do you want to grow a heritage garden and select the right seeds for your growing conditions? There are apps for that, too, such as Garden Plan Pro or Garden Pro HD. The app list is growing every day. Many apps are free or very inexpensive. Many have great information, and the best thing is, it’s like having your gardening library in the palm of your hand! More great apps can be found at

Not only can you have useful information, there are a variety of plant-related games for your entertainment too. Now you can enjoy your plant habit where ever you go.

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