Ecotek Lab students return for more hands-on science

PSM faculty and staff work together for the second year with high school students to develop research projects and greater understanding of plant science at MSU.

Postdoctoral researchers Anuradha Singh (pink puffer coat, Thompson Lab and Moaz Dor (Plaid shirt, Kravchenko Lab) and graduate student Matt Chansler (green shirt, bottom photo) help handle technology.
Kai from the EcoTek Group waters plants.

Starting Saturday October 28 and continuing into next year, PSM faculty and staff are working together with high school students from the Detroit metro area to develop research projects and greater understanding of plant science at MSU.

Four students from EcoTek Lab returned to PSM this semester to work with Dr Eric Patterson on a new research project, in which they will compare soils, biologicals, fertilizers, and weed co-plantings in wheat and soybeans.

The students developed the experimental design, and set up the treatments in the newly renovated greenhouse. The students plan to return monthly to collect and analyze data, through the end of the school year (2024).

Mentoring the students are: Sarah Lebeis, Addie Thompson, Eric Patterson and research assistant Matt Chanselor, who works with Dr Grace Fleming.

These students are returning for a second year," Keith Young, founder of EcoTek Labs, said. Young said the students will present their findings March 8, 2024 in a symposium at the Kellogg Center. The students will also present at a special session of the United Nations. "This is how you build diversity in science," Young said. "It's a long-term investment." IMG_7568.jpg

Measuring soil with Postdoctoral researcher Dr Moaz Dor (Kravchenko Lab).


Learning technology with  Postdoctoral researcher Anuradha Singh (Thompson Lab) and graduate student Matt Chansler (Grace Fleming). 

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