Featured Entomology Undergradaute - Josh Striegle

Undergraduate student Josh Striegle discovers a passion for aquatic entomology.

What inspired your interest in entomology? 

As a kid, I grew up in a house with a wild field and a small pond on our property. My parents introduced me to the world of bugs we lived within, and as a result, I spent every summer among mantises, garden spiders, dragonflies, monarchs, and so much more.

What has been your best experience with entomology? 

My best experience with entomology so far has been the aquatic entomology class taught by Dr. Eric Benbow. I had a lot of fun collecting in streams, rivers, and lakes with my peers and learned an extraordinary amount as my first entomology experience. I got the chance to curate a personal collection, give a scientific presentation, and become adept in identifying about 10 different aquatic insect families. The world of aquatic insects was something I was quite unfamiliar with going in, but I feel I now have a good grasp of.

What is your favorite activity/way to spend your time outside of your studies? 

I love hosting board game nights, playing video games with friends, going on road trips to explore new places, and generally working on creative projects of all sorts. I feel it is important to keep your studies and hobbies separate; even though I love entomology, having other hobbies helps keep your mind active and gives you greater capabilities in problem solving and learning

What is your favorite thing about MSU? 

My favorite thing about MSU so far is the community feeling. Everyone in the entomology program creates a friendly, tight knit, welcoming group, and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the college. 

Do you have advice for anyone interested in an entomology major or minor?

Be proactive! There are several opportunities for you to build your entomology niche as an undergrad, whether it’s taking varied classes, volunteering at the Bug House, participating in Bug Club, attending seminars, or many other activities. All of these examples help build who you will become as an entomologist, which I feel is crucial to developing a career you enjoy

What is your favorite insect and why?

I currently hold a fondness for Madagascar Hissing Roaches. During my time volunteering for Bug House events and tours, these large insects have helped me teach countless people that although insects may seem scary, dangerous, or gross, many of them are simply gentle, harmless animals.

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