FMA Connects Students with Food Industry Careers

The Food Marketing Association, a student-run organization in AFRE, has been bridging the gap between students and potential employers for over three decades.

FMA student board members at an event in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Student organizations are a core part of the undergraduate experience. AFRE is home to several student groups, including the long-standing Food Marketing Association.

The Food Marketing Association, created in the early 1980’s, is a professional development organization focused on helping students in AFRE engage with recruiters and professionals to learn about internship and job opportunities, as well as what to expect after college when entering the food industry.

This semester, FMA’s student leadership hopes to offer students chances to network with professionals, visit company facilities and develop their interests in the field.

“When I changed my major to FIM, I knew I was interested in the industry and in general doing business,” said FMA Vice President of Industry Relations, Izzy Morton. “I hadn’t developed specific interests and I didn’t know what a food industry job really looked like on the ground level. By participating in FMA, I have been able to explore my interest in supply chain at many different players in the food chain.”

“I’ve forged professional relationships with companies and individuals and I feel more confident in my career path going forward.”

The group not only brings in industry professionals to speak, but also goes out into the field, to see where and how companies work. Last year, FMA went to SpartanNash, Request Foods, Adams Plastics, Dominoes, Garden Fresh and a GMR meeting.

fma_meeting“Last spring our trip to Grand Rapids left me in awe,” said Morton. “The complexity of warehouse planning to be able to automate incoming pallet placement. Then in a plant, seeing first hand the stages of producing a batch of frozen lasagna, it was like an episode of ‘How it's Made,’ coupled with being able to field your questions to experienced professionals.”

“Our main goal is to provide these types of eye opening moments to other students, to get them excited about the industry,” said Morton.

The group plans to visit to the MSU Bakery on February 23 and the Gordon Food Service Food Show on March 21.

Representatives from food industry companies also come to campus, with Hormel to speak with FMA members on March 13, and companies including Kroger, Mondelez, All-Phase Electric, Aldi. Pinnacle Foods, and Coca-Cola visiting in the past year.

Learn more about the Food Marketing Association.


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