Healthy Halloween alternatives

Use the Halloween holiday as an opportunity to make healthy treat choices for yourself and your children as you teach them about moderation and setting limits.

A mandarin orange with a jack-o-lantern face drawn on it.
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Halloween is just around the corner. Some of us may be looking forward to indulging in our favorite candies. Some, however, may be looking for ways to make this time of year not about the treats, but how to stick to making healthy choices. How can you focus on providing healthy treat options?

Between classroom parties and community events, it’s no wonder kids zoom around then crash and burn from sugar rushes. You may not be able to control the choices your kids make during school celebrations, but you could be the parent who provides a healthy option during those classroom parties. Homemade snack ideas like apple slices and caramel dip or pumpkin seeds are healthy options. You could also provide store-bought school snacks like pre-packaged pretzels, string cheese or trail mixes.

Classrooms are not the only places that may be a sugar danger zone. Each neighbor’s house that you visit may be, too. Start a new neighborhood trend and pass out mini-Frisbees, pencils, animal crackers or goldfish crackers instead of candy.

Before you head out the door to celebrate, make sure your kids have a healthy meal. Offer fun choices such as mandarin orange “brains” or grape “eyeballs.” Get your kids involved in planning a spooky meal with some healthy favorites.

Clemson Cooperative Extension shared a great article called “Healthy Halloween Treats that teaches about moderation and setting limits on treats. One way to limit candy consumption is to eat a few pieces on Halloween and then a couple each following day.

Halloween doesn’t need to be scary. Use it as an opportunity to teach about being healthy and having fun. Michigan State University Extension reminds you that providing healthy snack options, non-food treats and a spooktacular meal will allow you to enjoy Halloween without a hassle.

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