January 31st Bailey Community Council Meeting

Minutes from the Bailey Community Council Meeting led by Bailey Co-Directors Casey Frump and Will King on January 31, 2024.

Bailey Scholars Program



  1. Introduction -> Name, Section, Year, and Major  
  2. MSU Commons
    • Digication - only works if you had a public profile 
      • Downloaded zip files from Dustin aren’t opening
  3. Class Update:
    • ANR 210 
      • Syllabus and planning presentation
      • Funds:
        • Ethiopian Coffee - 18 dollars (approved)
        • Gallon of whole milk - 4 dollars  (approved)
    • ANR 310 
      • Building the syllabus, determining kinds of presentations. Schedules in progress!
      • Funds:
        • Paint by number - 20 dollars (approved)
    • ANR 410 - Dustin and Sarah
      • Finalized syllabus - divided into three groups to tackle ideas. Began planning for first section (sewing) and have sent out communications to collab.
    • ANR 410 - Dustin and Brandy Syllabus in beginning. Designing course around life skills - planning phase for “course” creation. Outlines being prepared for topics, planning for lesson plans to be finalized soon.
  4. Questions:
      • Sarah:  Should there be term limits for Fellows (conveners)?
        •  310 consensus: Don’t think there should be limits, mostly due to the community building aspect of having the same people over time. IF there was a limit, at least 2 years. 
        • 210: Think that flow of new people is important. A new applicant is possibly a brand new “best-fit”. 
        • Dustin Brandy 410: Grad fellows - 2 years. Faculty - 4 years to build community.
        • Petty Prior 410: Reapplication as usual, based around the size and quality of application pool. 
        • General: Maybe have them reapply, but let them know their application won’t be priority unless application pool isn’t fitting. 2 year limits also supported for both graduate and faculty. 
    • Dustin:  New technology for the BSP Classroom
      • How are you using these things in the classroom?
      • Jamboard seems obsolete-> advocating for large whiteboards/ clear boards at the moment
      • Canva premium tech -> classroom specific (subscription) 
        • Zoe Pozios to lead 
    • Sarah:  CIEG Mindfulness Grant
    • Reva:  Mid-Semester Course Assessment?
      • About Fellows convening 
      • Take 2 questions ½ way through course (What’s going well/ not, what’s going on in the classroom)
      • Make available before SB - Feb 24th
    • Dustin:  Class Funds 
      • Limit spending for CCSN (cap at $25) 
      • Whatever is not spent goes back into BSP budget
        • Will writes in course allowance terminology (BCC-> Mon, Feb 19th)
  5. Upcoming Events:
    • Valentine’s Cards - Feb 5th to 9th 
      • Materials-> in BSP classroom, bring to Conference Space on Monday (Casey and Julia) 
    • Community Lunch - Thursday, Feb 8th from 2:30 to 4:30pm
      • Food-> Pasta and Salad Bar
      • Team-> Casey and Julia until team is done with Mental Health day 
    • BCC - Monday, February 20th from 6:30 to 7:30pm

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