Kevin Walker receives 2016 Paul Schmidt Service Award Winner

Kevin Walker receives 2016 Paul Schmidt Service Award Winner

Kevin graduated from the School of Packaging in 1998 after serving his country in the U.S. Marine Corps.  Kevin has served on the Packaging Alumni Association Board of Directors for over 10 years, has been a very dynamic and engaging guest lecturer for many semesters and packaging courses, and participated in resume reviews and mock interviews that surely helped many students prepare for career fair. For many years Kevin supported students at the packaging career fair with toiletry items (combs, shoe polish, breath mints, safety pins, etc.), ensuring that they were ready to take on the packaging world.

Kevin’s military experience provided a great foundation for his professional success in packaging sales and account management. His ability to adapt and predict the needs of his customers allows him to provide value in many ways. He was instrumental in orchestrating the donation of the stretch wrap machine in the packaging machinery laboratory during his employment with Highlight Industries.

Kevin continues to push others to think big and make contributions to ensure that the PAA keeps MSU the School of Packaging!

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