Michigan State Horticultural Society awards 2017 scholarships to three entomology students

Jacquelyn Albert, Holly Hooper and Margaret Lund received funding for their pursuit of graduate degrees in entomology.

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Three entomology graduate students were honored by the Michigan State Horticultural Society with scholarships in 2017.

Jacquelyn Albert is finishing a master’s degree with Julianna Wilson. She is interested in integrated pest and pollinator management for fruit growers. She plans to pursue a position as an extension educator after completing her degree.

Holly Hooper is pursuing a master’s degree with Matt Grieshop. Hooper has worked on several farms around the world, learning a variety of different management programs. She hopes to work with farmers to learn the best IPM practices to preserve profit and the environment.

Margaret Lund is in a doctoral program with Zsofia Szendrei. Her research focuses on the cabbage white butterfly and its biological control agents. This work includes greenhouse tests and field experiments. Upon completing her degree, she would like to work as an extension educator linking university researchers and growers.

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