MSU Entomology releases new Bug Talk podcast

Bug Talk is a place for seminar speakers and department members to share their lives, passions and hobbies with a goal of creating a community around science communication.

Co-hosts of Bug Talk

Bug Talk is a podcast created by members of the MSU Entomology Department to create community and facilitate science communication by inviting weekly seminar speakers and department members to share their lives, passions, inspirations and hobbies. It is a weekly released podcast that’s set up as a conversation between two or more people. 

Episode 1 is already available and features associate professor Zsofia Szendrei, post-doc Andrea Glassmire and graduate students Natalie Constancio, Kayleigh Hauri and Jenn Zavalnitskaya.

Listen to the Bug Talk Podcast

If you are interested in being on the podcast as an interviewer or interviewee, please email Zsofia at We would like to have more people join us!

Download the podcast on your favorite podcasting app and follow it on Twitter @bugtalkpodcast to find out when new episodes are released. You can also download the podcasts at our Bug Talk website.

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