MSU Professor Creates Free Textbook on Financial Management for Small Businesses

With help from the MSU Library, Professor Emeritus Lindon Robison in the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics (AFRE) has made a financial management textbook an open educational resource.

The textbook Financial Management for Small Businesses is now publicly available as a free digital download through Michigan State University (MSU) Libraries. If you teach financial management courses to upper division undergraduate students and/or master’s students, or if you are a small business owner this resource may be of interest to you. 

The textbook has been made an open educational resource by one of the books co-authors, Professor Emeritus Lindon Robison in the Department of Agricultural Food and Resources Economics (AFRE).  Robison wrote the book with Steven D. Hanson, the Dean of the MSU International Studies and Programs, and the late AFRE Professor, J. Roy Black. 

Financial Management for Small Businesses Textbook

Robison says he made the text open source, “in hopes it will be useful for students and faculty members studying financial management and for practitioners managing small to medium size businesses.”

The textbook has been used at MSU to teach a capstone course for agribusiness and firm management students for nearly a decade. Each year, the text was revised in response to research and student feedback. While developing this text, the authors published articles and books that provided support for the material they were teaching. As a result, this OER text has been tested in the classroom and is based on the latest concepts related to present value models and financial statements.

As a Creative Commons CC BY licensed text, the resource is available without charge and with permissions to revise and remix as desired. The entire book or individual chapters may be downloaded including supporting financial statement and present value model templates prepared in Microsoft Excel. Any part of the textbook may be integrated and adapted into your current materials. The only requirement is that proper attribution be given to the source.

Dr. Robison notes his gratitude to the MSU Libraries and MSU librarian Julie Taylor for helping to create this resource.

Follow this link to download the textbook. Hard copies of the text may be purchased at printing cost through the MSU Libraries Publishing Services (

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