October 20 Bailey Scholars Community Council Meeting Minutes

On October 20th, Bailey Co-Directors Sammi Trepeck and Madi Pellman held their second Bailey Council Community Meeting.

Bailey Scholars Community Council Meeting

October 20, 2021

Student leaders: Madi 


210 w/ Sara and Erik 

  • Ruby
  • Mya
  • Sumeya

210 w/ Dustin and Amit

  • Dάlety

310 w/Saul and Rabia

  • Ximena

Icebreaker: Picture Game

ANR 210- Sara and Erik 

  • Currently going through teaching section
  • Presentations of stress, table-top role play, women’s rights, climate change
  • Everyone is enjoying their time
  • Budget Proposal
    • Ray – Request $50 for Her activity Bon Appetit – Bailey vs. Gourmet Makes
      • Make Oreos
      • Butter, Oreos, Cream Cheese, Jiffy Puff, Circle Mold, Pipping Tool
      • Date: November 3
      • Votes: Yes:6 No: 0
        • Budget approved

ANR 210-Dustin and Amit

  • First presentation on personal finance, bread, next topics Small Business, Carbon footprint, Anxiety, Travel
  • Possible Funding needed for travel section- thinking about going to Frankenmuth or Detroit farmer’s market

ANR 310-Saul and Rabia

  • Topics: Health and Wellness, Astrology, Conspiracies, Outdoors
  • Done many Activities: Karaoke, Kayaking, Meditation, going to planetarium
  • Budget approved for $96 for private tour of the zoo to learn about conservations
  • Book McDonald Hall for cultural cooking event- Monday the 22nd

Talked about Halloween Party, Community Lunch, Service Requirements, Next BCC

Send out Survey for Dietary Restrictions

Proposed Activities that they want to do as Bailey

  • Ice Skating
  • Cider Mill Trip
  • Horse-Back Riding?
  • Game Nights, Movie Nights
  • Do something for Mexican Heritage Month (Day of the Dead)
  • Study Nights
  • Yoga
  • Painting


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