Photography displays beauty close to home in Michigan

MSU Entomology Chairperson Bill Ravlin takes insect images around the world, but this backyard beauty was chosen for a publication cover.

American Entomologist cover.
Summer 2018 American Entomologist cover. Photo by Bill Ravlin, MSU Extension.

You don’t have to travel far or discover exotic insects to achieve publication-quality pictures of insects, as demonstrated by this cover of “American Entomologist.”  Ravlin was struck by the detail and color of a common eastern bumble bee nectaring on lantana in Okemos, Michigan. 

"Thirty-seven photos and an hour later, I knew I had a keeper” said Ravlin.  Time and patience are the keys to success with any type of photography and insect macrophotography in particular.

American Entomologist is published quarterly, containing the latest developments and research, in the field of entomology. Content published spans from research articles to photo features. To stay updated on entomology-related news, visit the American Entomologist’s website, or visit the Entomological Society of America.

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