Q&A with EEM Senior Keegan Gendron

Keegan Gendron is an Environmental Economics Major (EEM) who was recently awarded AFRE's Academic Excellence Award



1.     Why did you decide to become an EEM major?

I chose to become an EEM major because I want to grow into a career that will allow me to have a positive impact on our environment, while ensuring that the economy isn’t overlooked. Our political and social conversations are becoming increasingly divided, and many people seem to occupy one of two ideologies: a purely economic mindset with limited regard for the planet, or a purely environmental approach with no economic perspective. The EEM program has helped me find the middle path, and navigate through polarizing concepts. 

2.     What is your favorite thing about the EEM major?

The EEM coursework has definitely been my favorite aspect of the major. The classes have done a great job of exposing me to different viewpoints on a variety of topics ranging from marketing concepts to agriculture. Each student is able to tailor their course load toward different focuses with the wide selection of electives.

3.     What has been your favorite class in the major and why?

My favorite EEM class has been EEM 405 – Corporate Environmental Management. The diverse set of real-life cases that are covered in the class make for a great learning experience. A case-focused class allows you to apply the theoretical knowledge you’ve gained from other courses, and see the real world consequences of business decisions. But, I can’t fully answer this question without mentioning CSUS 464 – Environmental and Natural Resource Policy in Michigan. This is an elective that I would highly recommend for any student interested in policy – this class is the reason I became interested in and excited about the subject, and why I am now fortunate to have entered into a career in energy policy.


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