Survival Camp 2021: Monday - Friday

Survival Camp 2021: Monday - Friday

Welcome to Survival Camp 2021! 

Check out the photos below with a brief description to learn about the fun we have this week! 


First off we kicked off the camp week with a wagon ride around Tollgate! We saw all sorts of wild life and farm life! 

Next we went off to the garden to do some weeding and watering and enjoy a tasty garden fresh snack. We had beans, peas, tomatoes, and carrots! 

Then it was time to Tie Dye our camp t shirts. We got a little bit of color everywhere-- Cant wait to see the finished products on Friday! 

Then it was time to do our animal chores for the day. We will rotate the chores throughout the week so we all get to meet and interact with everyone! 

After lunch we headed over to the forest to start our Survival Shelter! We learned about different types of shelters and will get to work on ours more through out the week! 

Then after we had fishing practice. We learned how to use the fishing rod at Tollgate safely and what to do and what not to do during fishing tomorrow. All the campers did amazing! 

The final two activities of the day included team flag painting for our wagon and then wilderness first aid where we learned about how to treat someone if they found themselves injured in the wilderness. We learned about litters, splints, hypothermia and more! 

Great kick off to a great week! See you all tomorrow! 


Happy Tuesday! The day started off with animal chores. The Green Pepper group was the first group to milk a goat! We learned about what animals are used for on a farm, what we can do with goat milk, and the importance of cleanliness. We milked Sage and are happy to report it went great and all the campers were excited to milk!

After animal chores we headed over to the pond to learn how to filter water in the case of a desperate need for clean water for survival. Although we didn't have time to boil the water to make it drinkable, we were able to filter out a lot of the dirt and debris to make it cleaner! 

After we made almost clean drinking water we went over to the garden to meet our Garden Volunteers to learn about the parts of seeds and what they use for survival vs what we use for survival! We spent some time harvesting carrots after for a delicious snack! 

After the garden we headed to the shade to cool off, play games, and act out skits on the Leave No Trace principals. 

After lunch we got to test our balance and patience as we walked across the slack line! 

Then it was the long awaited activity, FISHING ! We caught more than a few fish and all were great sports! 

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