4-H Market Livestock

To participate in the 4-H Market Livestock Program, youth are required to adhere to project rules and regulations established for each animal project. We encourage youth who might be thinking about joining the 4-H Market Livestock Program to review the4-H Logoproject rules and if they should have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.

Applications and Rules and Regulations for 2019-2020

  Little Buddy Applications and Rules and Regulations for 2019-2020

Additional Rules and Guidelines

Automatic Enrollment Policy 2019/2020

Market Residency Affidavit (must be turned in with applications)

2020 Large Market Non Club Point Opportunities


Fair Residency Policy


About_Record_Keeping.pdf  All 4-H market animal project members must complete a record book for their 4-H project every year. The type of records you keep will depend on the kind of 4-H project you have. The record book is a guideline for you. If you would like an electronic version in Word let the office know and one can be emailed to you.

Below you will find the various Market Livestock notebooks for the Beef, Swine and Lamb projects. These notebooks must be completed by each member enrolled in the specific projects. Notebooks must be presented to the weigh-in assistant on Entry Day at the Oceana County Fair at the time your animal is being weighed.

Make sure that your notebook is the correct one; the previous year’s notebook will not be accepted at the fair. Check your dates! All of the notebooks also need the club meeting/non-club point list attached to the end of it. Youth 5-7 years-old do not need to do the non-club point page.

2020 Lamb Notebook ages 15-19

2020 Lamb Notebook ages 12-14

2020 Lamb Notebook ages 8-11

2020 Lamb Little Buddy Notebook ages 5-7

2020 Steer Notebook ages 15-19

2020 Steer Notebook ages 12-14

2020 Steer Notebook ages 10-11

2020 Swine Notebook ages 15-19

2020 Swine Notebook ages 12-14

2020 Swine Notebook ages 8-11

2020 Swine Little Buddy Notebook ages 5-7

 Large Mkt Club/Nonclub point attendance sheet 2020  (Needs to be at the end of every notebook)

2019/2020 Market Livestock Committee:

  • President: Jack Woller
  • Vice President: Lindsey Merten
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Kim Mischler
  • Youth Reps: MaKayla Rockwell (beef), Brandon Macher (lambs), Alexis Mischler (swine)
  • South Reps: Kim Mischler, Sara Egeler, Jack Woller 
  • North Reps: Ryan VanderZwaag, Eric Whitaker, Whitney Hintz
  • Business Rep: MarySue Mahan, Lindsey Merten,


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