Concur is a travel and expense system that is meant to help streamline the travel process for Michigan State University. Travelers and travel arrangers will find their travel profiles, pre-trip requests, travel booking, receipt management, and travel expense reporting in Concur. Log into EBS with your netID and password and click on the Travel and Expense SAP Concur tile.

Action Required of All MSU Extension Employees:

  • Updating your profile in Concur
  • Adding transaction assistants (TAs) as delegates in Concur
  • Accepting the blanket travel authorization in Concur

The following information will show you how to do the above required actions. 

  1. Update your profile in Concur. View video.

2. Add the TAs as delegates in Concur. Add the following people:

  • Rachel Hiatt (hiatt1) 
  • Hope Wolcott (costel38) 
  • Jack Hodges (hodges23)
  • Judy Lentz-Bishop (lentzbis) 
  • Aprile Davis (davisap2) 

View video



3. Accept your in-state blanket request in Concur. View video. 

A Blanket Request for in-state travel for the current 6 or 12 month period has been processed on your behalf and routed to you for review and approval. You will need to change the ‘destination’ to the location of your primary business office. Multiple Expense Reports can be processed related to this blanket request, therefore, it should remain open.


Setting up account Delegates: In order to help facilitate the processing of Travel Requests and Travel Expenses, it is important for you (all MSU Extension employees) to add the MSU Extension Business Office Transaction Assistants as your delegates in the system. 

To add a delegate: Log into EBS and select the Concur tile. Go to Profile then Profile Settings and select Expense Delegates under Expense Settings. Click Add and type in the MSU employee email address you wish to be your delegate. 

If you have other individuals that prepare your travel requests and expense reimbursements, you can add these individuals as well. You will need to add the following individuals (use the person’s MSU NetID when adding): 

  • Rachel Hiatt (hiatt1) 
  • Hope Wolcott (costel38) 
  • Jack Hodges (hodges23)
  • Judy Lentz-Bishop (lentzbis) 
  • Aprile Davis (davisap2)  

Once you’ve navigated to the delegate section of your travel profile you will add the individuals above and then ensure the following boxes are selected:

  1. Can Prepare – select 
  2. Can Submit Requests – select 
  3. Can View Receipts – select 
  4. Can Use Reports – N/A 
  5. Receives Email – don't select 
  6. Can Approve – don't select 
  7. Can Approve Temporary – don't select 
  8. Can Preview for Approver – don’t select 
  9. Receives Approval Emails – don't select

The delegates will be able to see your home address and emergency contact information, as this information is required in your travel profile. If you do not add the Transaction Assistants as delegates to your Travel Profile, you will be expected to submit all Travel Requests and Expenses on your own behalf, and they will be limited in their ability to assist you in trouble shooting issues if they arise. 

In-State Travel Expenses: There are a couple options on how to submit travel expenses related to in-state travel expenses:

  • You can enter the travel expenses directly into Concur yourself:
    • Each trip can be its own expense in a monthly expense report by using the Concur mileage tool within the expense report or
    • The travel log can be used to lump monthly mileage into one mileage expense in Concur. The travel log will contain all the details such as date, destination, miles and business purpose and will be attached in Concur.
  • You can email the transaction assistants the travel log to prepare the expense report on your behalf:
    • The travel log must be used. Please use the travel log to document your in-state travel mileage and other monthly expenses. You will submit your monthly in-state travel expenses to and your institute transaction assistant will create your Expense Report in Concur Travel and Expense. Once the TA has entered the Expense Report in Concur Travel and Expense, the Expense Report will route to you for review and submission in Concur; you will receive an email notification from

The following resources and guides are available to assist you in the process of adding delegates and submitting a travel request:


  • Travel Log- use for in-state travel. This link will direct you to SharePoint where you will download the Travel Log. Once downloaded, click on the button in the yellow banner at the top to “Enable Content”.