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Adam Zwickle

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Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director
Department of Community Sustainability


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Adam is an interdisciplinary social scientist whose research focuses on sustainable natural resource management. His work draws from the fields of decision science, behavioral change, risk perception, and risk communication. His active research projects currently involve collaborative water management at the local level, sustainable approaches to water governance, and working with communities affected by environmental contamination in Michigan. Adam’s academic training and early research was centered around how perceptions of environmental risks influence decision making at the individual level. Motivated by a passion to address the pressing societal challenges posed by climate change, however, he has shifted his research to support change at the policy level. Adam holds a joint appointment with the Department of Community Sustainability and the Environmental Science and Policy Program.

Selected Publications

Full-text copies of my papers are available on ResearchGate: 

Zwickle, Feltman,* Brady,* Kendall & Hyndman. 2021. “Sustainable irrigation through local collaborative governance: Evidence for a structural fix in Kansas.” Environmental Science & Policy. 124: 517-526.

Cox, Chung,* Hamm, Zwickle, Cruz, & Dearing. 2019. “Working with Institutional Stakeholders: Propositions for Alternative Approaches to Community Engagement.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Special issue: “New Directions in Environmental Communication Research.”

Margerum, Zwickle, & Bruce. 2022. “The Effects of Data Enhancement in Collaborative Hazard Mitigation Planning.” Journal of the American Planning Association. DOI: 10.1080/01944363.2021.1997352

Duan, Takahashi, & Zwickle. 2019. “Abstract or concrete? The effect of climate change images on people’s estimation of egocentric psychological distance.” Public Understanding of Science.

Zwickle & Jones. “Sustainability Knowledge and Attitudes: Assessing latent constructs.” 2018 In: W. Leal, J. Callewaert, R. Marans (Eds.), Handbook of Sustainability and Social Science Research. World Sustainability Series. Cham: Springer.

*Graduate student author  



Michigan Large Quantity Water User Survey