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Adam Zwickle

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Associate Professor
Department of Community Sustainability



Adam conducts interdisciplinary social science research centered on communicating environmental risks and encouraging sustainable behaviors.  Drawing from the fields of social psychology and risk communication, his work integrates theories of individual perception and message framing to aide communication practitioners.  Specifically, his goal is to better communicate environmental risks in ways that reduce the amount that their long term impacts are discounted.  He is also active in sustainability issues at the university level.  He has worked with colleagues to develop a valid assessment of sustainability knowledge targeted at undergraduate students, partnered with university sustainability offices to increase conservation behaviors among students, and believes in using campuses as living laboratories to produce both theoretical and practical research as well as tangible local impacts. Adam holds joint appointments with the Department of Community Sustainability, the Environmental Science and Policy Program and the School of Criminal Justice.

Selected Publications

Zwickle, A. and K. Jones (2018). "Sustainability Knowledge and Attitudes—Assessing Latent Constructs." Handbook of Sustainability and Social Science Research: 435.

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